It’s the official BankSense launch at EuroFinance 2017

If you work in treasury, the chances are that you’ll be headed to EuroFinance. From the 4th – 6th October, the world of finance gathers at one of the largest global treasury events of the year, held this year in stunning Barcelona.


It’s a showcase of the best and brightest currently operating in the treasury and financial services sector. With expert advice on industry best practices and a focus on intelligent treasury strategies, EuroFinance is also an opportunity for unveiling the newest advancements in treasury and finance software.

A highlight for many in the event calendar, we thought it would be the perfect time to launch our brand-new Cash Management Platform (CMP) – BankSense.

Treasurers often face a unique set of problems with their cash management strategies as they attempt to juggle multiple tasks with limited software. So, we asked ourselves – where do their priorities lie, and how can technology assist in fixing these pain points?

Is it in liquidity reporting and real-time cash visibility? What about financial risk management and minimizing loss due to currency fluctuations? How about utilizing efficient capital management or discovering the tools to take a more tactical treasury approach?

Now there’s a product that allows you to do all of this, and much more too. We’re called BankSense.


What is BankSense?

BankSense will change the way that businesses view and manage cash, adding unique value and insight to a treasury strategy through real-time cash visibility reporting and analytics.

BankSense alleviates the fundamental treasury pain points of real time cash and liquidity reporting, managing risk and enabling the execution of profitable treasury tactics.

BankSense will help you –

  • Invest or position cash earlier in the day
  • Forecast currency positions
  • Maximize returns on long balances
  • Reduce debit interest and bank charges

Interested in using BankSense? Side effects will include; less risky cash management, strategically avoiding interest rate fluctuations, knowing where your cash is at all times and… feeling just a little bit SMUG!


Attending EuroFinance?

Curious to find out more? You can book a meeting or a demo here. We’ll be at stand SOO3.

And if you want to know more about a CMP before the event, download our TMS vs CMP eBook.

You can also download our post-event podcast, with our two ex-bankers turned FinTech experts (James Higgins and David Leslie) offering their thoughts on the current challenges and ever-changing regulations in treasury and cash management..

We look forward to seeing you at EuroFinance 2017!

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